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Captain Bob's Articles
on eliminating 100 years
of taxes and Abolising the IRS !!!
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     in Louisiana NOW!!!

Americans for Prosperity Louisiana
       Invites TPoL members to join them for a
        Tax Day Rally Crawfish Boil   
Come out and enjoy  FREE CRAWFISH!

With special guest speaker  
       Senator David Vitter

   Saturday April 12, 2014  
     11:30 am- 2:30 PM 


 AFP- Louisiana Headquarters 
7047 Jefferson Highway 
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

or call Rob Farmer at (504) 232-6239 

Say Hello to Louisiana's Top RINO Congressman 

 and the Louisiana Delegation's Cave-in-Chief

                  Rep Charles Boustanny

He has clearly demonstrated he is a full pledged member of the

establishment for Big Government control even to the point of

accussing Fleming, Scalise and Cassidy of not being Conservatives




                    IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!!!



Let us NOT forget the push for the
      500 Million Dollar
MASSIVE Louisiana TAX increase
led by Democrats, the Black Caucus and  
so called “Conservative Fiscal Hawk” Republicans !!!

Prepare to make sure we vote these
Government Gone Wild Marxist Democrats
       & RINO Fascists Repubics
out of office in the next election!!!

Don't we wish we could just throw every one of them
who are of this kind of thinking OUT right now!!!
What about just cutting spending & reducing the size of
government to balance the budget just like we have too
in our household budgets!!!  Looks as if Common sense
has been LOST in America!

A Must Read click on following link
Hey Barack, Resign Now, and Now Means Yesterday


After two years of's your




"Of course, the clueless media won't announce facts

like these because it makes their 'messiah' look like

the fake he actually is!!!" ...Bob Reid

Now check each of the current numbers after 4 Years,

and see for yourself just how much worst things have

become for you and America! We can't take 4 more

years of this Marxist and his Socialist Democrat Regime!!!



January 2009


% chg


Avg. retail price/gallon gas in U.S.





Crude oil, European Brent (barrel)





Crude oil, West TX Inter. (barrel)





Gold: London (per troy oz.)





Corn, No.2 yellow, Central IL





Soybeans, No. 1 yellow, IL





Sugar, cane, raw, world, lb. fob





Unemployment rate, non-farm, overall





Unemployment rate, blacks





Number of unemployed





Number of fed. employees, ex. military (curr = 12/10 prelim)





Real median household income (2008 v 2009)





Number of food stamp recipients (curr = 10/10)





Number of unemployment benefit recipients (curr = 12/10)





Number of long-term unemployed





Poverty rate, individuals (2008 v 2009)





People in poverty in U.S. (2008 v 2009)





U.S. rank in Economic Freedom World Rankings





Present Situation Index (curr = 12/10)





Failed banks (curr = 2010 + 2011 to date)





U.S. dollar versus Japanese yen exchange rate





U.S. money supply, M1, in billions (curr = 12/10 prelim)





U.S. money supply, M2, in billions (curr = 12/10 prelim)





National debt, in trillions






Just take this last item:  In the last two years

we have accumulated national debt at a rate more

than 27 times as fast as during the rest of our entire

nation's history.  Over 27 times as fast.  Metaphorically

speaking, if you are driving in the right lane doing 65 MPH

 and a car rockets past you in the left lane. 27 times faster,

 it would be doing  7,555 MPH!



(1) U.S. Energy Information Administration; (2) Wall Street Journal;

(3) Bureau of Labor Statistics; (4) Census Bureau; (5) USDA;

(6) U.S. Dept. of Labor; (7) FHFA; (8) Standard & Poor's/Case-Shiller;

(9) RealtyTrac; (10) Heritage Foundation and WSJ; (11) The Conference Board;

(12) FDIC; (13) Federal Reserve; (14) U.S. Treasury  



February 7, 2011 - For Immediate Release
Tea Party of Louisiana
Calls for NEW Louisiana State
Senate President !!!

(Baton Rouge)      “The Tea Party of Louisiana (TPoL) calls for NEW Louisiana Senate President,” Tea Party of Louisiana Spokesman Bob Reid said.  “The current Economic & Political times demand NEW Conservative Leadership in our Louisiana Senate,” Reid added.  “The Tea Party of Louisiana is calling for a STRONG CONSERVATIVE LEADER to replace the current Liberal, Trial Lawyer Democrat as our new Louisiana State Senate President,”  Reid explained. 

2010 Congressional Scorecard
2010 Senate Score Card
2010 LA Senate Scorecard
2010 LA House Scorecard 

State News

National News

Twitter - Tea Party of Louisiana

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Climategate: the final nail in the coffin of 'Anthropogenic Global Warming'?

By James Delingpole


If you own any shares in alternative energy companies I should start dumping them NOW. The conspiracy behind the Anthropogenic Global Warming myth (aka AGW; aka ManBearPig) has been suddenly, brutally and quite deliciously exposed after a hacker broke into the computers at the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit (aka Hadley CRU) and released 61 megabites of confidential files onto the internet. (Hat tip: Watts Up With That)


When you read some of those files – including 1079 emails and 72 documents – you realise just why the boffins at Hadley CRU might have preferred to keep them confidential. As Andrew Bolt puts it, this scandal could well be “the greatest in modern science”. These alleged emails – supposedly exchanged by some of the most prominent scientists pushing AGW theory – suggest:

Conspiracy, collusion in exaggerating warming data, possibly illegal destruction of embarrassing information, organised resistance to disclosure, manipulation of data, private admissions of flaws in their public claims and much more.

One of the alleged emails has a gentle gloat over the death in 2004 of John L Daly (one of the first climate change sceptics, founder of the Still Waiting For Greenhouse site), commenting:

“In an odd way this is cheering news.”

But perhaps the most damaging revelations – the scientific equivalent of the Telegraph’s MPs’ expenses scandal – are those concerning the way Warmist scientists may variously have manipulated or suppressed evidence in order to support their cause.

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Audit the Fed Attached as an Amendment

By Ron Paul


I was pleased last week when we won a vote in the Financial Services Committee to include language from the Audit the Fed bill HR1207 in the upcoming financial regulatory reform bill. As it stands now, if HR 3996 passes, because of this action, the Federal Reserve’s entire balance sheet will be opened up to a GAO audit. We will at last have a chance to find out what happened to the trillions of dollars the Fed has been giving out.


Finally, the blanket restrictions on GAO audits of the Fed that have existed since 1978 will be removed. All items on the Fed’s balance sheet will be auditable, including all credit facilities, all securities purchase programs, and all agreements with foreign central banks. To calm fears that we might be trying to substitute congressional action for Fed mischief in tinkering with monetary policy, we agreed to a 180 day lag time before details of the Fed’s market actions are released and included language to state explicitly that nothing in the amendment should be construed as interference in or dictation of monetary policy by Congress or the GAO. This left no reasonable objections standing and the amendment passed with a vote of 43 to 26.


This was a major triumph for transparency and accountability in government. With unprecedented turmoil in the financial markets, the people are demanding to know and understand the extent of the Federal Reserve’s involvement in the creation of out-of-control business cycles, who they are helping, and how. We need information. The excuses for not giving out this information are flimsy at best, and the passage of this amendment is a major step to finally getting at the truth.

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On Federal Health Care Reform Constitutionality:

Congress, Use the Article V Safety Valve

By Paul Galvin


Don't Take Things That Aren't Yours.

~ A lesson from All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten


By following this wise counsel, Congress could settle the legitimate question whether it has the constitutional authority respecting health care reform. It can do this by using one of its undisputed powers, namely, proposing constitutional amendments under Article V.


In writing their Constitution the Framers set out a list of the “few and defined” powers (Madison, Fed. No. 45) that the people and the states were willing to cede to the then newly created government. That list but that list only, a point of instruction underscored by the 10th Amendment. Two powers on that list, the Interstate Commerce Clause (ICC) and the General Welfare Clause (GWC), read today as they did in 1787, never having been amended. Similarly, the requirement of the Article VI constitutional oath of office to support “this Constitution” – meaning of course the written one – has remained in force and unchanged for the same period. With that background, compare these congressional behaviors.

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Anything Less Than Full Disclosure is Unacceptable

By Ron Paul


Last week a new bill was introduced in the Senate to audit the Federal Reserve. Some backers of my bill HR1207 and the existing Senate companion bill S.604 were a little miffed at this, but depending on how you think about it, this new legislation poses no great threat to our efforts.


With the economy in shambles, people are looking for answers - not just because of lost savings on Wall Street, but because of lost houses on Main Street. Because of the many problems we face, the Federal Reserve and its powers over the economy have come under scrutiny. This translates into a lot of political pressure on Congress. With all the House Republicans signed on as co-sponsors and over half of the Democrats, HR 1207 has enormous bipartisan support. It would be disingenuous for Washington not to embrace the principles behind this bill after all the promises for transparency. How can one credibly argue for more transparency in government in one breath and defend the secrecy of the Federal Reserve in the next?


However, there is still very powerful resistance to the disclosures that HR 1207 would require and efforts to weaken it will continue to pop up before this issue is settled.


The good news is that Washington is responding and the Federal Reserve has become the issue. Concerned Americans need to keep the pressure on by continuing to define what we want, and what we do not want.

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How We Win

by Heather D


Over the weekend we witnessed the continued assault on our Constitution, and liberty in general, when the Democrat majority in the House rallied their troops, twisted (or nearly broke) some arms and passed "The Affordable Health Care for America Act". If you are anything like me, you sat glued to your television set, intently watching C-Span, knowing in the pit of your stomach that Speaker Pelosi would never have brought the bill to the floor if she did not have the votes to pass it.


Some in this country want to believe that the assault on our rights will be stopped simply by replacing the Democratic majority with Republicans. These well-meaning Americans do not understand that establishment Republicans of today are merely Democrat-lite. They preach limited government out of one side of their mouth, yet vote for bigger government and less freedom, seeking more power for themselves and satisfying their most generous donors, dismantling the Constitution in the same manner as the Democrats that they claim to stand in opposition to.


One shining example of this is Senator Lindsey Graham, who has launched a very public war against Ron Paul, Ron Paul Republicans, and in reality, any Republican who supports the Republican platform, rather than paying lip service to it. Senator Graham recently teamed up with Senator John Kerry in an Op-Ed proclaiming the need for cap and trade policies, despite the fact that the bill would serve no real purpose other than to transfer wealth to a few and further destroy an economy that is already imploding. After a public outcry over this, it remains unclear where Senator Graham stands on this dastardly bill, but you can be certain that the danger of this legislation becoming law is still very real.

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The Myth of Objective Journalism

By Jack Hunter


The Obama administration's decision to treat Fox News as a political opponent rather than a viable news outlet has angered many conservatives. Not I. Fox News is not and never has been "objective journalism." But neither is MSNBC, CNN, or every other corporate outlet that disseminates politically-biased disinformation.


It's no secret that Obama and Fox have long been "ready to rumble," so why not finally remove the blinders and the gloves so that Fox can get to their business, unfettered, of beating this administration into a bloody pulp?


Which is exactly what MSNBC, CNN, and every other liberal news outlet should have done to the last president. For all the bad press conservatives complained about Bush getting from the liberal media, where in the hell was any hard-nosed journalism leading up to the invasion of Iraq, when a more thorough investigation into the administration's allegations about WMDs and Saddam Hussein's alleged ties to Osama Bin Laden could have swayed public opinion, maybe preventing a costly and unnecessary war?


When former Bush White House press secretary Scott McClellan expressed regret in his recent book that the media had been too easy on the administration in the lead-up to the Iraq war, CNN correspondent Jessica Yellin explained her colleagues' failures, saying that the "press corps was under enormous pressure from corporate executives, frankly, to make sure that this was a war that was presented in a way that was consistent with the patriotic fever in the nation and the president's high approval ratings." Favoring ratings over objective journalism? Who would do such a horrible thing?

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