April 29 2015

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TPoL Blasts Solar Tax Credits PDF Print E-mail
Written by Robert Reid   
Monday, 20 April 2015 08:29


Calls On Louisiana Legislature To End Refundable Corporate Tax Credits!!!

For Immediate Release                                                                                                                                     April 13, 2015

BATON ROUGE - The Tea Party of Louisiana wants to make its position on ending refundable corporate tax credits "perfectly clear" – END THEM ALL NOW!!!

TPoL is against all forms of corporate refundable tax credits. Period! Refundable tax credits, like Solar Tax Credits, are nothing more than a clever scheme to circumvent our state constitution and enable the payment of public funds to private entities.  This is "crony capitalism" at its absolute worst.  Even when used to address a legitimate problem, such as the uncompetitive nature of local inventory taxes, such credits are still improper, because the tax credits merely cover up the problem allowing it to continue, thus allowing the legislature to avoid the hard work of fixing the problem. TPoL therefore calls on the Louisiana legislature to do its job and protect the average tax payer by stopping the corporate crony give aways.

A particularly abusive corporate give away is the solar energy tax credit. This tax credit is based on "junk science" and the fantasy that a home owner can "live off the grid". Power must be generated at the time of consumption, and this power must be available 24/7. One day, hundreds of years from now, solar technology may solve many problems and be economically competitive with conventional power generation, and when that day comes no subsidies will be necessary because free market forces will be sufficient to support solar energy.  Until that day comes let's stop robbing average people and breaking the state budget so a few well connected fat cats can keep getting their unreasonable corporate give aways.

In light of Louisiana's current budget situation, let's end the insane give aways that are called "refundable tax credits" and let's start by killing the solar tax credit, the worst abuser of all. 

Bob Reid, spokesman

Board of Directors Member

TEA Party of Louisiana, LLC



Reference enclosure: Please refer to a few facts we have attached to this release about the solar tax credit complied by Dr Jim Richardson, a nationally recognized economist from LSU.


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Congratulations to the taxpaying citizens of WBR Parish and Zachary for taking a bold stand and sending

an overwhelming message to your local government and administrators -

You've had it with all these TAX INCREASES!!!

What a record voter turnout - more than 20% in WBR!!!

What an overwhelming NO in Zachary!!! - 65% NO : 35% - Yes


Thanks for joining the T.e.a. (Taxed Enough Already) Party Revolt!!  

The Tea Party of Louisiana(TPoL) was glad to help in your cause!

It's high time that these government officials start spending our tax dollars

more smartly, more efficiently and live within the same budget constraints that

"we the people" have to do every day, week, month and year on our income!





OPPOSES Sheriff Mike Cazes’

Additional ½ cent sales TAX in West Baton Rouge

March 11, 2015                                  For Immediate Release 

BATON ROUGE – The Tea Party of Louisiana (TPoL) believes West Baton Rouge CAN NOT afford higher taxes like the additional ½ cent SALES TAX Sheriff Mike Cazes is asking for!

Consider these facts:


No Leader Repubics PDF Print E-mail
Written by Robert Reid   
Monday, 18 March 2013 15:05

You Coward RINO Repubics!!!

No, you're worse than RINOS -

you are truly Neo-Con Trotskyites

You won the majority in Congress and
you act like you lost - betraying the Conservative Americans who elected you!!!

PURE ZERO LEADERSHIP in the Republican Party!!!!

You know nothing about implementing
Conservative Constitutional Values!

Because you are only playing a role pretending to be against Obama
in words & rhetoric but in actuality you are in on the agenda and go along with what Obama is doing!!!

Why else would 75 Republican Traitors to our constitution go along
with the 182 Communist/Marxist/Socialist Democrats and vote
to fund Obama's unconstitutional illegal amnesty???

Let us introduce you to America's Hall of Shame

Here's the 75 House Repubic Traitors to our US Constitution voting to fund Obama’s illegal unconstitutional Amnesty – HR 240 -

Joining their 23 Senate Repubic Traitors and their comrads in the Communist/Marxist/Soicalist Democrat Party!

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If I were the Devil PDF Print E-mail
Written by Robert Reid   
Thursday, 05 March 2015 19:36

Looks like Paul Harvey had it right with his prophetic message on April 3, 1964.  

Now we are actually living the "rest of the story" in the New "USSA" today!!!


Watch and see if you don't agree!


Click here if 3 min clip link doesn't work -  "If I were the Devil"

copy and paste the following link into your browser...        http://youtu.be/H3Az0okaHig

Last Updated on Thursday, 05 March 2015 19:45
Vote "NO" for HR5 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Robert Reid   
Wednesday, 18 February 2015 18:49


Please contact your Representative and ask him to vote "NO" on House Bill HR5 - Student Success Act.  This is top priority because it will be voted upon next week.

Tell him:

Vote NO for HR5 - Student Success Act.
This bill adds more federal mandates and spending to education.  We the people are fighting hard to regain control of education and passing this will not only negate that hard work, but make it impossible for us to have any input in our children's education.  It also gives unprecedented power to the federal Secretary of Education by allowing him to have the final authority over an individual state's standards (Common Core standards or any other standards), assessments, and accountability system.  Our Tenth Amendment gives this authority to the States. We must stop this federal overreach and constant effort to control education.

This should scare you and motivate you to contact your legislators in Washington.  Many of them are home this week, so please call their local offices in addition to their DC offices.  

RALPH ABRAHAM     202- 224-3121        www.abraham.house.gov

CHARLES BOUSTANY      (337) 235-6322    (202) 225-2031      www.boustany.house.gov

JOHN FLEMING     202-225-2777       www.fleming.house.gov

GARRET GRAVES     (225) 442-1731     (202) 225-3901        www.garretgraves.house.gov


CEDRIC RICHMOND     (504) 288-3777    (202) 225-6636       www.richmond.house.gov

STEVE SCALISE (504) 288-3777 (985) 879-2300 (202) 225-3015  www.scalise.house.gov

Please flood them with calls and emails and share this post with everyone you know – Now! Just copy and paste this post.  


Below are a few links and a short summary that explains the dangers of this bill.






Short summary of HR 5

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