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The completely insane "Green New Deal" of AOC and the new Maexist Democrats makes Obama's proposed cap-and-trade system with same intents look tame to the new looney tunes propagandasized by the Marxist Dems and their media propaganda arm today - just see for yourself:

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that President Obama's proposed tax increase from the cap-and-trade system would yield at least $80 billion per year, the effects of which would be passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices for energy, transportation and a large amount of other items that we use everyday life just research what is made with oil and you will see. The CBO estimates that such a system would cost the average household at least $1,600 per year.


While the purpose of the cap-and-trade legislation to reduce global CO2 emissions may appear to be for the greater good, what good would it really do to change the earth when the top polluters on earth would most likely never adopt such legislation? Developing countries like China and India would be allowed to continue to pollute without restrictions. There is no science to prove that climate warming is caused by man. 52 UN scientists authored the media hyped IPCC 2007 Summary for Policymakers.


In March 2009, in Poland, there were over 650 scientists from all over the globe who opposed the UN and Al Gore’s claim that climate change was manmade and was harmful at all. Remember, Al Gore himself stands to make billions if the United States enacts cap and trade legislation.


Rank Country Tons of Carbon per person

  1. Qatar 20.05
  2. United Arab Emirates 10.36
  3. Kuwait 8.69
  4. Guam 7.76
  5. Bahrain 7.66
  6. Singapore 7.04
  7. United States 6.04
  8. Luxembourg 5.69
  9. Brunei 5.28
  10. Australia 5.19
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